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Natural Harmony

Latest information about coronavirus and singing

1. Statement from Singing Network UK
The NVN is a member of Singing Network UK, which is chaired by Making Music, and which has released the following statement:
"With 27 other organisations in the UK involved in singing and choirs, we have been discussing representations to the government on re-starting choral activity.
A clear plan of how to resume singing is now urgently needed to support the mental wellbeing of the 2 million people who usually sing regularly in groups and the nation as a whole, including choirs’ audiences, congregations and families.
There is also a significant economic impact from singing, of all kinds, on the livelihoods of musicians, teachers, venues, music publishers and other suppliers; currently jeopardised by the impossibility of group singing.
What is needed is:
·         a UK-wide coordinated approach
·         clear guidance which can be practically implemented in a variety of circumstances (one-to-one/group teaching, church choirs, choral societies, youth groups), in schools, professional and amateur settings
·         a differentiated approach to rehearsals, teaching and public performances
·          research to establish more conclusively the aerosol transmission risks for Covid-19 when groups sing in enclosed spaces
·         support for venues and spaces, from schools to community halls, churches to arts centres, so that they are able to open again
·         support for professional musicians (conductors, accompanists, music creators, teachers etc.) crucial to the return (and flourishing) of singing
·         roll-out of broadband and digital training for all, so there is no-one left behind in a world which will remain at least partially online for a while.
As part of Singing Network UK, we have pledged to advocate for the safe return of group singing with the UK government and the devolved administrations, emphasising the messages listed above. We encourage members to do the same, by writing to their MP or nation representative."
Singing Network UK have also sent a letter to Oliver Dowden MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, asking for the above. This is signed by Caroline Bithell on behalf of the NVN, and you can read it here.