Choir subscriptions


Choirs Subscriptions

From January 2019

Choir members

Pay either:

  1. -by standing order, £15 per month. This is the lowest cost and most convenient.  The subs are spread out over the year, so the minimum period is one year (barring unforeseen circumstances.) Please ask Liz for bank details

  2.       or

  3. -in advance, per term (or half term) by cheque or cash.  This will be the number of weeks you are paying at £6 per week plus £5. For example, for a 10 week term the subs will be £60 +£5 = £65

Non Members

Pay-as-you-go is possible for visitors, or members in exceptional circumstances, for £10 per session.

We are concerned that no one should feel that they are unable to sing with the choir because of the subs.  We will always be sympathetic to singers with low income – please discuss this in confidence with one of us if this applies to you.